Thursday, 29 December 2011

Agri NCDEX Tips India

NCDEX Today commodity market

NCDEX Today - NCDEX Jeera production in India for 2011-12(October to September)is estimated in the range 3.5 and 3.8 million bags (1 bag =55 kg) on the back of high acreage and good crop conditions in the growing areas. On NCDEX, jeera for December delivery traded down 1.19% or Rs 160 to Rs 13292.00 on 1st Decmeber at 10:40 IST.
NCDEX Red Chilli prices as good demand in the markets kept the rates up. As per trade sources, chilli arrivals are expected to decline in the coming days and stocks kept in cold storages will contribute to the major chunk in consumption.
In India, NCDEX Chana is one of the major pulses consumed apart from pea, lentils, black matpe (urad), arhar (pigeon pea), small red beans, broad beans, red kidney beans and split beans.  At NCDEX, Chana for January delivery traded at Rs 3315.00 on 27th December at 14:15 IST

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

NCDEX Today Trading Tips

NCDEX Today - NCDEX Agri Tips

In India, Chick pea (Chana) is one of the major pulses consumed apart from pea, lentils, black matpe (urad), arhar (pigeon pea), small red beans, broad beans, red kidney beans and split beans.

At NCDEX Today, Chana for January delivery traded at Rs 3315.00 on 27th December at 14:15 IST
Pepper futures expected to open higher on Wednesday on the back of limited stock in the spot markets along with lower production estimates. However, demand from the overseas buyers has reduced owing to Christmas and New Year vacation.
Pepper stocks with Vietnam are expected to be around 10 thousand tones while that in India is expected to be 12 thousand tonnes.In NCDEX pepper January contract closed on Tuesday higher by 1.07 % to Rs.36275 per quintal against the previous close.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Intraday Silver Trading Tips

In Silver, sell off to continue at higher level. Last week it was unable to cross 54000 successfully, and made a low of 52544, which indicates some small trading range and traders are not comfortable on either side. Strength of rupee will decide the trend of this commodity. Now in this week, consider 54000-54500 and any move will be above that level if holds with volume, downside to continue showing bear pressure and lower level support at 52000, decisively break will shift further weakness up to 50000 or below. Overall trend is down and sell on rise strategy.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Intraday Tips For NCDEX & MCX

S/No. Commodity R3 R2 R1 S1 S2S3
1. Gold 28159 2805727956277032755127450
2. Silver 545555419553835528555223551875
3. Crude 532852705111505549544897
4. Copper 407.5 403.8400.2391.1385.6381.9
5.Zinc100.9100.299.4998.04 97.32 96.6

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Free Gold Silver Tips For NCDEX

GOLD: (Feb 2012)

As mentioned in this column that for the last two week, major resistance for safe playing for bull, 29400 and think to buy side, downside it must hold 28300. It was unable to hold major weakness, and finally made a low of 27000+, which indicates weakness to continue. Now in this week, we may consider resistance at 27800-28000-28300, downside support to watch out at 27000, decisively break with volume likely, nonstop target of 25800-25000 in a few sessions. Higher level, be cautious of any buy side. Sell on rise strategy.

Trend Decider of this week: 27800


SILVER (March 2012)

Silver has been unable to hold and cross 57500-58500 in last few week, and we have seen big fall. It made a low of 5216 but some support and short covering resulted in it closing at 53458. Now in this week, we may consider resistance at 56500-57000, downside support exit at 53000-52500, break and trade below, it will further downside target at 50000-495000-48500. Close above 58500, it will show real move but chances are very remote.

Trend Decider of this week: 54391.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Silver Tips

SILVER (March 2012)

Silver March as seen in the weekly chart, found resistance at 58000, then fell sharply lower towards 56000, and closed at 57000.
For the next week we expect Silver prices to find resistance at 58350. One should sell the position at that level. Trading consistently above 58400 can trigger a sharp rally initially towards 59200, then 59850, and then finally towards 60500. For this swing, the 60000 level can be a last point this time. Above that a new trend formation can be noted.
Support is now observed at 56200-56000. Trading below 56000 would give correction initially towards 55650, and then finally towards 55500.
Trend Decider of this week: 56813

NCDEX Chana Tips

Technical analysis
On the regular chart, the bounce in NCDEX Chana was sharp as anticipated and was scary for anyone who was short. It has retraced 78.6% of the five waves declining pattern in its wave A and has reversed, indicating that there exist a high probability that wave C has ensued. The rise was an A-B-C pullback in which wave C was an extended one and was almost 261.8% of wave A.

Now, since it has reversed, hence from 78.6% the equality target on the downside for wave C down comes to 2760. On the upside it has completed the right shoulder of the bearish head and shoulders pattern signaling that a deep cut in prices is awaiting in chana.

The weekly KST and MACD continue to remain in sell mode which indicates that this was just a short covering rally and the bears still have an upper hand. On the monthly charts it had formed a Dragonfly Doji Candlestick pattern at the top i.e. above two standard deviations from its mean signaling that the high of 3700 remains a medium term top in Chana.

Sell Chana Nov on rise 3450-3480. Target 3000, stop loss 3570 (Current – 3440).

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Intraday Free Tips

GOLD: (Feb 2012)
Gold February as seen in the weekly chart, found resistance at 29433, fell sharply lower towards 29000, and finally closed lower.
For this week expect MCX gold resistance at 29300-29400. If it would not gain this week, one can sell the gold at the level. If it goes above 29450, then 29650-29800 can also be expected from the counter.
Support is now observed at 28980. One can buy around the level and if it cannot maintain levels, further below strong support is seen at 28470. Trading consistently below 28500 could trigger a sharp correction initially towards 28250-28150.

SILVER (March 2012)
Silver March as seen in the weekly chart, found resistance at 58000, then fell sharply lower towards 56000, and closed at 57000.
For the next week we expect Silver prices to find resistance at 58350. One should sell the position at that level. Trading consistently above 58400 can trigger a sharp rally initially towards 59200, then 59850, and then finally towards 60500. For this swing the 60000 level can be a last point this time. Above that a new trend formation can be observed.
Support is now observed at 56200-56000. Trading below 56000 would give correction initially towards 55650, and then finally towards 55500.

Crude December as seen in the weekly chart, after making a high of 5275, fell sharply towards 5100 levels.
For the next week we expect Crude prices to find resistance at 5250 and further above strong resistance is seen at 5275. Trading consistently above 5280 levels would renew the previous rally initially towards 5400, then towards the Major resistance at 5470, and then finally to 5600.
Support is now observed at 5120. If it breaks with volume then it can touch 4950. Trading below 4980 would trigger a sharp fall initially towards 4850, then 4800, and then finally towards the Major support at 4500.

Monday, 12 December 2011

NCDEX Today Commodity News

Today, Mrs Oommen Chandy honorable chief minister of Orissa will divulgence silver jubilee celebration of Rubber Producers Society at Mammen Mapillai Hall, Kottayam on 13 December 2011. The oil and oilseeds market in China has attained maturity with higher participation from industry clients and institutional investors, accoridng to Liu Xingqiang, President and CEO of Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE). He told the recently held 6th China International Oils and Oilseeds Conference (CIOC) that among five out of the six oils and oilseeds futures listed in China, No. 1 Soybeans, No. 2 Soybeans, Soybean Oil, Soybean Meal and RBD Palm Olein are traded on the DCE, accounting for over 60% of the DCE's total trading volume, said Liu.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Monday Market View

NCDEX Commodity Soya refined oil stand still up to Rs. 651.40 because of the high demand in the major mandies and low supplies of the commodities in major mandies which makes soya refined oil a strong on Monday. Increasing Exporting demand of Gaurseed seed in market makes its prices stand still up by 0.18 percent at Rs. 5621. It produces 1-1.5 million tonnes of guar seed annually, which is processed into about 0.3-0.5 million tonnes of guar gum. Prices have shot up in anticipation of 20% export duty on guar gum. Poor domestic service of exporting chilli prices moves down side, NCDEX Chilli prices extended the down trend amid huge arrivals at spot market of Guntur.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

NCDEX Today - Experts Views

As, NCDEX Commodity jerra started his trading at good level. Shows positive response at begin. Jerra did good business but it reported, at amidst slump but not lackluster because of the low demand and higher cultivation. Again it makes a line, future coming days buyers are accepted to come as they have looking for some more quantity. Latest reports from Spice Board of India indicates estimated exports of Spices for April-Sept 2011 have fallen by 19% from 294925 MT in 2010 to 237585 MT in 2011. Jeera exports fell by 15% from 18800 MT to 16000 MT during same period. Sentiments remained mesne firm for NCDEX Guar Seeds even as after profit booking as the trading price was bit higher so it got slightly affected in quantity of buyers.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good crops, might loss, NCDEX commodity

Local Consumer may decline in prices of Turmeric for intraday trading. Lately, turmeric cropped well has sufficient stuff which expected to control prices from trading higher in the short term. Although, it might be the turmeric prices may get down on owing of higher production in coming January and February session.
Due to the unfavorable weather in Gujarat, Jerra prices are accepted to trade bullish for the intraday. But, the overseas buyers are expected to arrive soon which might leads the prices.
Improved demand from the local stockists led Chana Spot prices and Futures to settle 1.47% and 0.46% higher on Wednesday. Further, lower stocks at the domestic till fresh arrivals also supported prices. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Woe for NCDEX Commodities

Good crops might be disadvantage, like channa this time.

NCDEX commodities channa cues to be having good crops for coming session. Good production is coming out from Rajasthan, Maharashtra and MP. It can keep pressure on market sentiments.
Latest reports from Australia indicate a rise in production there by 15000 tonnes to 3.94 lakh tonnes in 2011-12.
As per latest data from Ministry of Agriculture—as on 2nd Dec, 2011 the sown area under Chana (Gram) crop is up by 2.03 lakh hectares at 75.95 lakh ha vs same period last year.
1st Advance Govt estimates of a fall in Pulses production to 6.43 million tonnes vs last estimates of 7.12 million tonnes could support short to medium term rates for Chana.
Also, the soybean futures finished lower, retreating from early gains on poor export demand and outside pressure. Early gains fueled by optimism about Europe's debt, but enthusiasm waned and commodities fell on reports S&P is putting Europe's triple-A countries on downgrade watch.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tips for soy oil


- The setup of Soy oil looks quite bullish both on the daily as well as the weekly charts.

- Based on Elliott wave’s perspective it seems to have completed its wave X in a Regular flat pattern and now it is expected zoom up in its wave Z.

- It posted a monthly positive close which also confirms the same. The rise since the recent lows 593.50 is wave 1/A then it consolidated in its wave 2/B which was a symmetrical triangle and now wave 3/C up has ensued which has a minimum equality target of 670 on the upside.

- The weekly MACD which is still in sell mode, however it has reached the zero reference line from where it is expected to reverse from. The daily MACD continues to be in buy mode showing positive divergence which favors bulls only.

- With the breakout from the triangular pattern it has also crossed it crucial hurdle i.e. 40 WEMA as it had come below it for the first time since the breakout on July 2010. This too increases the probability of winning for the bulls from here on.

- The risk reward ratio is well supporting the bulls as the minimum target is 670 and the stop loss/ reversal is below 609.

Recommendation: Traders are recommended to Buy Soy Oil at the CMP of Rs630 for a target of Rs670 with a stop loss below Rs609.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

NCDEX Commodities News

NCDEX Commodities

Sturdy Trading these days for jerra, its prospects the market will not go down because of the heavy production from Gujarat and Rajasthan this year. Good rains good crops cues to good demand in the market. Investors may have to some benefits or loss because of Dollar vs. Rupee. Demands in US and EU market in coming weeks, it can be predicted that it could have moderate bullish in the market. Channa has continued to keep pressure in markets but dismal may remained until stock scarcity as trades consider for fresh arrivals. Its boggle the prices may get down as the channa as out of the stock. Cheers for the gaur seeds traders. Keeping stocks for kappa crops may have some profit gain in future because of the restricted supplies from Pakistan.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jerra Trends

NCDEX commodities jerra are supposed to be gained till December session. jerra calculated higher selling in mandies and market cue to be the same till the ned of the month.Channa closes to Rs. 3160 per quintal after dropped down to 131 still grab profit where scarcity of the local traders and form Indian market as well as from overseas. NCDEX soybean traded in profit and supposed to be in profit till last December. World soybean production in 2011/12 is projected at 258.5 million tons, a decline of 3% from last year, mostly reflecting a significantly smaller US outturn, said International Grains Council (IGC) in a research note. At the Indore spot market in top producer MP, soybean dropped -2 Rs to 2229Re 100 kgs.

Monday, 28 November 2011

NCDEX Jerra Rising Daily

Jerra Ruling

Lacks in jerra quantity, increasing’s its demand in market. Jerra stable a sturdy position in market, weighing to cross 1400.

Meanwhile chilli cropped well this year’s having good stock in the market resulting in loss.that’s why ncdex chili decreases 1.02 per cent against the last close.

Just opposite going in the market no one can predict the agro based commodity trading.
Bearish for the NCDEX commodities. Also about the soybean it’s supposed to slightly less in December session because of the lack of overseas traders.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

NCDEX jerra arrived in the market

NCDEX Agro product

Lately, arrival of jerra in Unjha mandi with 2,500 bags but it was not enough stuff. The demand reached 6,000 bags. The jerra prices were in the range of 12, 500-14,000 per quintal, after considering higher demand it supposed to be reached to the 14,000-15000. So for the trader may have good deal with jerra.
NCDEX guar seeds dealt are set for the December session, trading for Rs. 5004per quintal which higher by 1.70% from the last close.
NCDEX channa for the following years may have the less production because the its recorded to be less field for sowing this time as compared to the last years in Maharashtra. So we can assume that’s its prices may be high as compared to this years.

Friday, 25 November 2011

News for NCDEX commodity

NCDEX sugar trading pushes down because of the low demand in the physical market. Sugar contracted to be traded 2964 per quintal which less than previous deal. Whereas on Friday, the chilli trading seems to be low because of the rising of the fresh arrivals in the market. At NCDEX chilli December contract is trading at Rs.7140 per quintal, fell by 1.16 per cent on 16:45 IST against the previous close and also the Soybean futures fell Friday on profit booking by the traders on weak domestic demand amid higher sowing in the producing regions. At NCDEX soybean December contract is trading at Rs.2281 per quintal, lower by 0.28 per cent on 16:15 IST against the previous close.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

NCDEX Channa Rising Up

At NCDEX Channa likely to be trade between Rs.3417 per quintal, higher by 1.63 percent. Earlier before the contract traded between Rs.3360-3419 per quintal. Open interest of the contract is 191900 lots and volume traded is 65750 lots for the time being. There are reports that supplies in the global markets are tight. This will make imports costlier. Further, reports of lower sowing under pulses in A.P. and Karnataka due to dry spell are likely to provide support to the prices. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, pulses have been sown in 49.75 lakh hectares as on November 18th 2011 as compared to 46.33 lakh hectares in the last year same period.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

NCDEX Turmeric Tips

Wednesday, Turmeric did a good business. Turmeric is targeted to trade at Rs. 3029 quintal, which is higher by 0.71 percent on 12.25 IST against the previous close. whereas Soyabean futures might gather some strength at lower levels in the wake of strong crushing demand in major mandies along with receding supplies in major mandies. Consequently, the NCDEX December Benchmark contract gained almost Rs25 per quintal in the last two days to trade at Rs. 2270 per quintal. Technically, prices are likely to test Rs. 2285-2290 per quintal at higher levels while supports are likely at Rs. 2235-2240 per quintal at lower levels.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

NCDEX channa going down, gaur seeds up

After the massive fall in channa prices yesterday, channa recovered a slightly up by the day the report says, whereas the gaur seeds rising up. Rajeshthan govermnet estimated that channa crop is increased by the 77% in comparision to the the next years meanwhile Andhra Prades agricultral department says there Rabi crop are down by 23% compared to last years.

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Monday, 21 November 2011

NCDEX Tips for Gaur, channa and soyabean

Gaur seed predicted to be trade between 4425-4540. whereas channa goes up to 3500 and Soybean futures rose Monday tracking global cues amid rising demand in the domestic markets. At NCDEX soybean December contract closed at Rs.2258 per quintal, higher by 0.37 per cent against the previous close. Good deal to have trading for a lower level commodity.

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