Monday, 23 April 2012

Ncdex Tips | Commodity Tips

Best strategy for Ncdex and Commodity market with stop loss tips:-

Ncdex Soyabean Tips

Soyabean prices rose to a record on Monday following strong export demand for soyameal. In mandis across some states, soyabean ruled at Rs 3,150-3,230/quintal according to our expert price will hike in upcoming days so wait for sell

Ncdex pulses
Need from the local stores among suggestions of possible development of the kharif pulses led chana identify costs on last week to proceed it’s in place shift and resolved 1.59 percent higher. Experts have suggested 25% increase in kharif pulses in tur and urad. The suggested lowest assistance price is around RS.4125/ quintal for urad and moong Rs.4376/quintal moreover to this, enhanced actual physical purchasing at 'abnormal' amounts also reinforced the good emotions.

Cilantro has been going down from previous few several weeks. We have seen costs going down from the stages of Rs.4500 to Rs.3760 stages, which is a modification of roughly 15 %. At the moment, coriander has significant assistance at the Rs.3655 level if costs are able to separate and near below these stages then further modification can be seen until Rs 3310 and Rs 3,205 in the next one to two several weeks. So, the development of costs until Rs 4,020 or Rs 4,110 should be used as a promoting chance with a stop-loss of Rs 4,360 for the focus on of Rs 3,660 and Rs 3,310.”

Jeera has split up from the rectangle-shaped design which is a bearish indication in the temporary. The size of the rectangle-shaped shape is 651 points; hence the lowest focus on for it is 11105. It is also noticed that Jeera has been dropping in a down sloping similar and the reduced end of the route comes to 10810 which is the competitive focus on.

Commodity Tips for Today
GOLD: sell around Rs.28660, stop loss of Rs.28760, keep target Rs.28550.

SILVER: sell around Rs.56490, with a stop loss of Rs.56750, focus on Rs.56280-Rs.56260.

COPPER: sell around Rs.418, with stop loss Rs.419.60, with target of Rs.415.

CRUDE OIL: sell below Rs.5400, stop loss Rs.5430, and target Rs.5366

LEAD: sell below Rs.108.80, stop loss Rs.110, and target Rs.109.

ZINC: sell below Rs.105, stop loss Rs.105.50, and target Rs.104.50.

NICKEL: purchase around Rs.927, with stop loss Rs.925, and target 932.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Free Ncdex Tips on Mobile

Today Free Tips for Ncdex Black Pepper, Jeera, Chilli, Cardamom and Turmeric
Black Pepper

Spice up costs decreased at the spices or herbs market here these days on demure need from stores as well as decreased off take from exporters. Meanwhile, relax of all other spices or herbs stayed stable due to absences of any beneficial purchasing. Black pepper decreased by Rs 26 to Rs 427/452 per kg from Tuesday's ending level of Rs 451/476.The following are present-day ending costs in rupees with the past costs in brackets
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Jeera May futures trading costs are estimated to give the bearish pattern on back of existing poor identify industry basic principles Gradual stockiest demand along with higher routes is likely to keep costs under stress. However, a small restoration can be seen in near term on short protecting but overall pattern is expected to remain poor due to supply stress. Arrivals at identify industry of Unjha were revealed around 30010-35050 bags on Saturday against 35,100-40,250 bags revealed on Saturday. According to trade resources, at present nobody is interested in volume buying and saving the good as consistently dropping costs are considering on emotions.

Chilli: Spicy pepper May futures trading prices are estimated to continue the restoration on lower stage buying prior to Apr agreement expiration. However, overall pattern is still poor amongst inadequate home and move front action. Increasing mercury stage is keeping identify industry action very boring which is also considering on emotions. Routes at Spot industry of Guntur are flying in the range of 80,100-1,00,200 bags (1 bag=40Kg.) According to investors, 3rd circular of chilli growing has already started in Karnataka and fresh arrivals have obtained strength in local mandies. Moreover, in Karnataka low quality of chilli is coming which is leading to gradual off take in major mandies.

Cardamom: Cardamom futures trading costs are required to continue the restoration during early trading hours amongst reviews of enhancing identify costs. Reports of existing dry cause in major increasing areas might also support the costs to business up. Complete everyday routes at identify market organised in Kerala were around 43,341 Kgs. on Saturday. Monsoon down pours are likely to playa big part this time and if the existing dry cause extends then it might create plants issue for next period.

Turmeric: Turmeric root extract extract costs are required to continue the down pattern on back of poor demand for bulk customers along with large supplies seeing at identify front side. Due to falling costs North Native indian customers are also not placing purchases, which is further adding to the down pattern. Today identify industry of Deteriorate will continue its trade activity after 3 days holidays. Therefore, large routes are required to arrive at identify front side. Spot industry are seeing large routes in absences of Deteriorate industry, while investors want to buy only 40-50% of total routes.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mcx Today Tips

Today Mcx Gold: Spot precious gold costs exchanged higher by 0.2 % on Tuesday on the back of China's blowing up data which motivated inflation-led demand for precious metal. Additionally, weak point in the US dollar also served as a encouraging factor for the gold costs. Silver moved an intraday great of $ 1648.50/oz and shut at $ 1640.80/oz on Wednesday. On the multi commodity exchange, gold may contract increased around 0.9 % on account of devaluation in the rupees and moved an intraday great of Rs. 28,390/10 gms. The gold shut its trading time at 28,329/10 gms on Wednesday.
Best Planning is to buy around Rs.27650 with a stop loss of Rs.27360 and keep a target of Rs. 28940

Silver: Spot silver costs dropped around 0.7 % on Tuesday on the back of dim sentiments in international market. However, weakness in the dollars catalog cushioning distinct dropped in the silver costs. Silver moved an intraday below of $ 31.29/oz and finished its trading time at $ 31.6/oz last day. MCX Silver May agreement dropped a little bit by 0.1 % and moved an intra-day low of Rs. 55,605/kg.
Sell below Rs55800 levels with a stop loss Rs.56400 and targets of Rs.57240

Copper costs dropped by Rs 2/kg in the local copper market today due to lower market in india.
Other materials such as lead and nickel, however, resolved at past levels.
Trading feeling turned bearish as copper in Chinese suppliers dropped after customer costs in the biggest base materials user improved more than prediction last month, enhancing rumours that the govt may not add further incitement.
Copper cost support at Rs429, can buy around Rs.425 with a stop loss below Rs.421

Monday, 26 March 2012

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Ncdex today has disclosed with its review on farming commodities. our analyst suggested to purchase wheat cross Rs 1256, offer Chana below Rs 3686. below we are revealing mcx copper and silver tips for next month with ncdex investment strategy for agro commodities if you are looking for free tips then you can use our free trial for two days our agro commodities expert will suggest you accurate tips.

Wheat March
significant level of resistance is seen at Rs.1256 crack above with amount could see bulls to take over the costs greater towards 1275 followed by 1285 stages.

Chana April 2012
Significant trend range assistance is seen at 3686, any large crack below the same can anticipate a reduced modification towards 3648 followed by 3612 stages for the day. Moreover, costs already smashed the 23 day EMA assistance at 3723 representing an intraday weak point. Conversely; surprising pullbacks above 3752 may eliminate the intraday bearish objectives.

Pepper April
Trend today probably will be good feelings, provided that costs are able to remain above 23 day EMA assistance of 40510 stages. But the significant benefit activity is possible only above 43500 which may analyze key resistances of 44020 and 44810 stages. On the other hand, significant weak point may see only below 40050 stages for the day.

Mcx silver being an business metal took hints from disadvantage in base materials and spot silver prices dropped greatly by more than 1 % in the past week. However, further disadvantage was padded on account of a sluggish dollar. The silver moved a low of $31.07/oz during the month and finished its trading time at the level of $32.19/oz on last Friday. On the Multi commodity exchange precious metal May contract lowered around 0.1 % and moved a low of Rs55, 905/kg past week

MCX Copper rose by 0.6% orRs 2.3 at Rs 433.2/ kg and tested an intraday high at Rs 434.7/ kg and low at Rs 429.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Ncdex Tips for April 2012

Free Ncdex Tips for April 2012 in India
Chana , soyabean and mustard seeds business at history high costs, fuelling anticipations of an increased food blowing up in the arriving several weeks. The greatest cost raise of 58.2% has been experienced in mustard seeds over the last one year while soya and chana products costs have gone up by 32% and 40.2% respectively in the same time.

Investors say mustard seeds accessibility will be reduced this season which will put a stress on costs. "There was a prevalent dry magic in November-December last season which has impacted the mustard plants. Against the option 75 lakh tonne last season, we are anticipating a variety of 65 lakh tonne this year

Costs have valued to Rs3, 950/ quintal for the April 2012 agreement on NCDEX as when in comparison to
Rs2, 520/quintal in the same period past year. This month contract was at Rs3, 810/quintal. The move in mustard seeds started monthly ago and costs have valued by 250 rupees per quintal in the period.

Mustard oil processor tells the mustard seeds cost will quickly top Rs4, 010/ quintal pushing them to improve costs. "We will improve mustard oil costs by Rs.4 or 5/ liter. If costs of mustard seeds do not awesome off, mustard oil cost may corner Rs105 per liter level,"

The identify cost of chana in Delhi marketplaces is judgment at Rs3, 755/quintal, which is 31% greater than cost during the equal period of the last year. A primary purpose for the improve is the improve in the minimal assistance cost by Rs750/quintal to Rs2,850/quintal.

Chana April 2012 According to our market expert NCDEX Chana can buy between Rs 3885 to 3910, and stop loss at Rs 3785 for target of Rs 4150

Chana Strategy for 8 to 15 Days Buy Chana between 3890 to 3950, Stop Loss - 3785, Target 1 - 4120 and Target 2 -4200

Monday, 20 February 2012

Commodity Trading 21 Feb

Spot soy oil traded higher Monday on bullish cues from BMD CPO futures. Domestic futures markets closed yesterday for Mahashivratri festival.

Refined soy oil in benchmark Indore market quoted up Rs 1 at Rs 674 per 10 kg and in Mumbai it quoted higher Rs 6 at Rs 674 per 10 kg.

Crude soy oil in Indore market traded up Rs 4 at Rs 644 per 10 kg, while in Mumbai it quoted up Rs 5 at Rs 6487per 10 kg.

Mustard oil in Mumbai quoted higher Rs 7 at Rs 729 per 10 kg, while refined sunflower quoted at Rs 689 per 10 kg.

Cardamom and pepper in India's commodity exchange traded higher for the week on higher demand from both domestic as well as international while, turmeric fell 10.10% during the period.

Global Pepper production in 2012 is expected to increase 7.1% to 3.20 lakh tons as compared to 2.96 lakh tonnes in 2011 with sharp rise of 23% in Indonesia's output and in Vietnam by 10%.

Friday, 10 February 2012

NCDEX Live Quotes

February ncdex Quotes
Geojit Comtrade has appeared out with its address on agronomical commodities. The analysis close has recommended affairs Pepper, Soyabean NCDEX Feb on dips.

February NCDEX Refined soy oil
refined soy oil traded college bygone afterwards it fabricated a low of 689.00 and closed the day at 696.50. If prices consistently to trade over 695(22 day EMA support) may see an acceleration appear 700 followed by 707 levels for the day. Conversely on the lower side, if prices break below 690 may see declivity appear 685/680 levels in the actual run.
Resistances: 699/706/708/712
Supports: 696/691/689/686

February NCDEX Pepper
Pepper prices traded lower and closed the day at 29915. If prices enable to clear cross 30720 (45 day EMA placed) may see prices to accelerate appear 29700 followed by 29500/29350 levels. Conversely, break aloft the same may see prices to trade higher appear 31100 levels for the day.
Resistances: 30010/30505/30721/31111
Supports: 29705/29501/29351

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Top NCDEX Commodity News

  • ·         NCDEX turmeric weakens on poor domestic demand
  • ·         NCDEX jeera gains on falling arrivals
  • ·         NCDEX pepper tumbles on weak export demand
  • ·         NCDEX soy oil trades up, support at Rs.702-705: Angel

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Turmeric Future Tips

Turmeric futures likely to open lower on Wednesday on higher stocks from the fresh crop amid higher production concerns. Rising supply of the commodity in the domestic markets also may pressurize the futures.

In NCDEX on Tuesday, turmeric April contract ended down 0.90% at Rs.4640 per quintal against the previous close.
Turmeric prices in the intraday are expected to trade sideways due to lacklustre demand from the domestic buyers. However, any reports of fresh overseas enquiries might support Turmeric prices, according to Angel Commodities.

According to Spices Board of India, exports of Turmeric during April 2011- October 2011 stood at 50,000 tonnes as compared to 32,000 tonnes in 2010-11, rise of 56%. Targets set by the Spices Board have already been met till October 2011. Exports are expected to touch new historical levels in 2011-12.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

NCDEX Chana Future

In NCDEX chana January contract last week closed higher by 3.11% at Rs.3443 per quintal. Chana prices are expected to remain firm on account of lower acreage under Chana cultivation and thereby fears of lower output. In the short term prices may trade in the range of Rs 3250 per qtl and Rs 3600 per qtl in the short term (2 -3 weeks), according to Angel Commodities.

According to the Farm Ministry area sown under Rabi pulses as on 5th January 2012 is down by 1.20% to 14.066 million hectares as compared to 14.238 million hectares in the same period previous year.

Chana sowing till January 5th 2012 is 5.23% down at 8.72 million hectares as compared to 9.22 million hectares in the same period previous year.

Further, unfavorable weather in Central and Southern India may lower Chana yield in the coming season. Except in Rajasthan, all other major producing states i.e MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka and AP are likely to witness a fall in output in the coming season harvesting of which would begin after mid January.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Agri Commodity News

Agri-commodities especially oilseeds, pulses and food grains are rebounding on adverse weather, acreage concerns and likely fall in production in the coming season. Overall mixed trends are expected with some commodities such as Cotton and Sugar weakening on rise in production.

Indian equity market has begun on a positive note in 2012, European stocks have shown buoyancy offlate and US unemployment data point to slow recovery taking place which augurs well for the commodity as well as equity markets. Strengthening of US dollar, Euro will reduce the appeal of precious metals and energy complex, he added.

India commodity futures market has already grown more than 65% at Rs 130.577 lakh crore till December 15  of 2011-12 and looks set to cross Rs 160 lakh crore by the end of the financial year compared to Rs 115 lakh crore recorded in 2010-11.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Agri Commodity Tips Today

Chana prices might extend gains as gaining spot prices are supportive for price rally at futures. Physical demand ahead of the marriage season is supportive for price rise.
Drop in acerage might result in lower production which might support prices in near term. South Indian crop is estimated lower than last year which would hit the markets from end of January which would support the prices.

Chana NCDEX Dec-11 support: 3239 3266 resistance: 3314 3330 Buy at 3280 TP 3360 SL 3210.

Jeera futures expected to drop on Friday due to higher sowing progress form the producing regions amid weak demand from the overseas buyers. In NCDEX jeera January contract closed on Thursday lower by 0.97 per cent to Rs.14089 per quintal against the previous close. According to Spices Board of India, exports of Jeera during April 2011-Ocotber 2011 stood at 20500 tonnes as compared to 19,800 tonnes in 2010-11, an increase of 3.5%.