Friday, 23 March 2012

Ncdex Tips for April 2012

Free Ncdex Tips for April 2012 in India
Chana , soyabean and mustard seeds business at history high costs, fuelling anticipations of an increased food blowing up in the arriving several weeks. The greatest cost raise of 58.2% has been experienced in mustard seeds over the last one year while soya and chana products costs have gone up by 32% and 40.2% respectively in the same time.

Investors say mustard seeds accessibility will be reduced this season which will put a stress on costs. "There was a prevalent dry magic in November-December last season which has impacted the mustard plants. Against the option 75 lakh tonne last season, we are anticipating a variety of 65 lakh tonne this year

Costs have valued to Rs3, 950/ quintal for the April 2012 agreement on NCDEX as when in comparison to
Rs2, 520/quintal in the same period past year. This month contract was at Rs3, 810/quintal. The move in mustard seeds started monthly ago and costs have valued by 250 rupees per quintal in the period.

Mustard oil processor tells the mustard seeds cost will quickly top Rs4, 010/ quintal pushing them to improve costs. "We will improve mustard oil costs by Rs.4 or 5/ liter. If costs of mustard seeds do not awesome off, mustard oil cost may corner Rs105 per liter level,"

The identify cost of chana in Delhi marketplaces is judgment at Rs3, 755/quintal, which is 31% greater than cost during the equal period of the last year. A primary purpose for the improve is the improve in the minimal assistance cost by Rs750/quintal to Rs2,850/quintal.

Chana April 2012 According to our market expert NCDEX Chana can buy between Rs 3885 to 3910, and stop loss at Rs 3785 for target of Rs 4150

Chana Strategy for 8 to 15 Days Buy Chana between 3890 to 3950, Stop Loss - 3785, Target 1 - 4120 and Target 2 -4200

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