Monday, 23 April 2012

Ncdex Tips | Commodity Tips

Best strategy for Ncdex and Commodity market with stop loss tips:-

Ncdex Soyabean Tips

Soyabean prices rose to a record on Monday following strong export demand for soyameal. In mandis across some states, soyabean ruled at Rs 3,150-3,230/quintal according to our expert price will hike in upcoming days so wait for sell

Ncdex pulses
Need from the local stores among suggestions of possible development of the kharif pulses led chana identify costs on last week to proceed it’s in place shift and resolved 1.59 percent higher. Experts have suggested 25% increase in kharif pulses in tur and urad. The suggested lowest assistance price is around RS.4125/ quintal for urad and moong Rs.4376/quintal moreover to this, enhanced actual physical purchasing at 'abnormal' amounts also reinforced the good emotions.

Cilantro has been going down from previous few several weeks. We have seen costs going down from the stages of Rs.4500 to Rs.3760 stages, which is a modification of roughly 15 %. At the moment, coriander has significant assistance at the Rs.3655 level if costs are able to separate and near below these stages then further modification can be seen until Rs 3310 and Rs 3,205 in the next one to two several weeks. So, the development of costs until Rs 4,020 or Rs 4,110 should be used as a promoting chance with a stop-loss of Rs 4,360 for the focus on of Rs 3,660 and Rs 3,310.”

Jeera has split up from the rectangle-shaped design which is a bearish indication in the temporary. The size of the rectangle-shaped shape is 651 points; hence the lowest focus on for it is 11105. It is also noticed that Jeera has been dropping in a down sloping similar and the reduced end of the route comes to 10810 which is the competitive focus on.

Commodity Tips for Today
GOLD: sell around Rs.28660, stop loss of Rs.28760, keep target Rs.28550.

SILVER: sell around Rs.56490, with a stop loss of Rs.56750, focus on Rs.56280-Rs.56260.

COPPER: sell around Rs.418, with stop loss Rs.419.60, with target of Rs.415.

CRUDE OIL: sell below Rs.5400, stop loss Rs.5430, and target Rs.5366

LEAD: sell below Rs.108.80, stop loss Rs.110, and target Rs.109.

ZINC: sell below Rs.105, stop loss Rs.105.50, and target Rs.104.50.

NICKEL: purchase around Rs.927, with stop loss Rs.925, and target 932.

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